Making our mark

Tattoos will always have subculture appeal, and with an estimated 1 in 3 people proud owners of at least one tattoo, Electric Ink couldn’t have picked a better time to launch.

Electric Ink is a new lifestyle skincare brand for people with tattoos. After noticing the very limited skincare options available for this consumer group, the Electric Ink team decided the time was right to launch their specialist range among everyday skincare products. Electric Ink founder, Simon Forster, had this to say on the brand making its long awaited arrival to market:

“We are an independent boutique brand, and we’ve worked extensively with our manufacturer on formulations over the last 12 months to create an authentic range tailored to people who love ink. Tattoos are a very personal thing and everyone wears their ink differently. So it’s high time people had a credible specialist skincare range that’s as passionate about tattoos and the wider lifestyle as they are.”

Simon adds, “We wanted to bring authentic, credible products to the party made with well-considered, high quality ingredients. Our roots are in tattooing culture, not mass market skincare, and we fit both inside and outside the beauty industry walls. For those left uninspired by big brands that churn out the same products as each other, Electric Ink is a clear and compelling choice.”

No detail in the branding has been overlooked. Tom Gilmour, a popular London artist active on the tattoo scene, worked on the packaging’s eye-catching illustrations. The vegan-friendly range launches with three products to care for your inked skin:

Daily UVA/UVB Moisturiser (RRP £10.95)
Helps to protect tattoos from fading, whilst keeping them fresh, nourished and defined.

Defining Body Oil (RRP £10.95)
Moisturises sleeves and other tattooed areas whilst delivering gloss and clarity for that freshly inked look.

Vibrancy Serum (RRP £12.95)
Enhances colour, maintains pigment and promotes vibrancy of tattoo whilst hydrating your skin.